Tuesday, 29 April 2014

It's been waaaaayyyy too long

So, I have been a bit crazy busy and I've completely neglected my blog. Which is a massive no-no for several reasons. One, you forget to acknowledge the achievements and progress you've made. Two, you forget most of what you've learned over the previous short while. And, three, most surprisingly, people actually start asking when you're going to write the next one. Like, they actually read it and everything.....nice ;)

It's been a pretty hectic (in a non-horsey) way. But also really hard to get some traction - and it seems to have been that way for most of us. What with the torrential rain we had (about 100mm in a month), kids having school holidays, and just losing a bit of motivation, it's been a funny old month or so.

However, there have been happenings. Firstly, little (read 'massive') Uno is now weaned and it was a very easy and stress-free experience. He was used to mum being out of his paddock for an hour at a time for feeding every day and sometimes for longer if I took Rose for a bit of a walk. So, I just popped Rose and Jedi in a paddock together with Uno and Timmy (the absolutely spiffing little pony/TB) in an adjoining paddock. No running around panicking or carrying on. Just a bit of fence-walking when he wanted a drink but that stopped after an hour. Done deal.

Rose has started putting on some weight again and is looking a bit gorgeous. Her elbows have improved but not drastically. Her pelvis is still causing her some pain and stiffness so I've started a daily regime of the rehab she was doing when she first fractured it - walking along hillsides, over poles and doing carrot stretches. I'll be getting Robyn out soon to treat both the grown ups and fingers crossed the strengthening work will have paid off and I can start riding her.

I somehow doubt Rose will be the top eventer I was hoping for, but she might well be a decent dressage or showjumper with some serious management. She's such a lovely girl it's worth it.

Jedi is becoming a nice little dude, despite the limited riding he's been getting. I've been working hard on riding more forward, trying to keep my hands still and forward no matter what. I'm training myself to use my body and legs as my first aid, rather than pulling back and/or dropping my hands which is obviously not a good thing. It's resulting in a more relaxed, forward Jedi who stays more in a frame and is starting to lift through the back and become more supple.

Had a good lesson with Ben Netterfield last weekend, working on getting Jedi jumping with the same technique each time, especially over related fences (doubles, trebles). It went really well, with lots of Ben telling me to relax and breathe. I really don't love showjumping!

So, our first Prelim is Wagga in just over a week. Poor little Jedi will be clipped this weekend (he's really sweating during our morning work and I can't always just put a cotton on now it's getting colder through the day so I've made the call it needs to come off!), and I'm really looking forward to the step up. Berrima felt wonderful and kind of easy. Stuart Tinney always says the time to go up a grade is when it starts to feel easy. Might as well follow that advice!

Will post again soon with pics of the gorgeous Timmy and all the crew in their winter woolies.