Thursday, 25 July 2013

Blah....winter blows

So, I hope you guys are getting more riding in than I am! Moving to your own farm seems to mean a lot more driving (dropping off small people at school and heading to the coalface) and a lot less riding. That's not to say Tuxedo has any problems with that scenario, though I doubt he would have been so ok with having all his fur shaved off if he'd known how little he'd be ridden. And I daresay I wouldn't have clipped him if I'd known that too!

The change of feed has produced the most remarkable change of character in that crazy horse. Even though I'm only riding him twice a week (and that's if the weather isn't Antarctic-like) he hasn't been a complete prat on my weekend workouts. I thought it pretty unfair to expect he would make much improvement when he's only being worked intermittently but the last two rides, both over a week apart, were remarkably similar. Yes, there's still the stupid bouncing around when transitioning up into trot, and the yucky pig-rooting and disuniting canter before he gets a stern talking-to. But he's not crazy like he has been. This is the first time a change in diet has produced such a change in behaviour in my experience. I won't be so dismissive of diet in the future.

And the barefoot transition has been seamless, really. The new hoof is growing down beautifully, with an obvious ring of happiness where the new hoof is coming in. I'll post photos of his feet (sans mud, I hope!) next time. Kirsten the wonder trimmer has been pretty impressed with his feet, that's for sure.

Poor young Rose is starting to get very heavy as she moves into the last trimester of pregnancy. This is when 40% of the foal's growing happens and she looks a tad uncomfortable. I, for one, hated the last trimester and found it very painful (pelvic pain) - Rose looks like I felt! Her feet are flattening into dinner plates as she puts on weight, too. It's very exciting and a little nerve-wracking.

Despite all the lack of riding I've managed to schedule myself a horse event every weekend in August. Harden Horse Trials next weekend in the newcomers class just to see how he copes with events, cross country and all that jazz. I've scored a lesson with Ben Netterfield this weekend and that will be the second time I've jumped Tux since I've had him.

After Harden is a local dressage comp (just a couple of Associate Prelim tests to give him more exposure to going out and performing in an arena), then a dressage judges seminar on the following Saturday and a XC clinic with Sam Lyle on the Sunday. (Deep breath) After that is Wagga Horse Trials where I've entered Intro, possibly suicidally, but with the idea that Wagga is pretty low-key and Tux is not a complete noob. And that's the end of August. Luckily, I've got September to recover, though fingers crossed I get a couple of lessons with Andrew Mclean who's coming up then for his yearly sojourn to the backwaters of the ACT.

I feel exhausted just writing that. I'll let you know how we go!